From drawing board to drilling platform, our in-house teams have one mission: to help you turn challenges into solutions and yesterday’s waste into tomorrow’s profit


3P-ES are defined by its ambition of creating the global technology standard for the treatment of oily waste, with the aim of contributing to a cleaner world. We works closely with existing and new clients to continue to deliver market leading waste management solutions to the market.  Using the same reliable, efficient and proven technology, and the extensive expertise and know-how built up over many years and developing new solutions designed to handle different types of industrial waste.

3P-ES develops solutions for the safe and efficient transfer, store and processing of drilling waste, slops and other associated materials generated from drilling operations. Our specialist teams ensure clients internationally meet and exceed the demands of local legislation whilst generating significant commercial and safety benefits.

From drawing board to drilling platform, our in-house teams have one mission: to help you turn challenges into solutions and yesterday’s waste into tomorrow’s profit .


The technological and economic development resulted in improvements in the quality of human life, but it also led to an increased reliance on non-renewable energy sources and environmental degradation. 3P-ES wants to grow and consolidate itself in the market by supporting the development of Malaysia always with environmental responsibility, minimizing the impact on the planet leading to a better overall world.

Our vision goes through the development of environmental projects of excellence that put Malaysia alongside the leading countries with regards to environmental policies and practices.


Everything we do is a commitment to the environment, people and the process. We are committed to keeping the environment clean and safe at all times. We are committed to lead by example and building a sustainable future – so we can keep the world clean and safe, we are doing our part for everyone.


3P’s objective is to eliminate or to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the waste through our fully integrated solutions. In which we design, manufacture and service of specialized processing equipment for Liquid/Solids Separation, Waste Management, and Material Handling.

  • Health, Safety and Environment Policy’s and Operational Standards state clearly that we accept responsibility for our employees and society at large to provide a safe place of work, safe systems of work, assess the environmental impacts of our business and ensure we operate in line with the laws of each country in which 3P-ES does business.
  • Global industrialisation and the growth of world population have placed extreme pressure on the availability of natural resources and the condition of the environment. 3P-ES supplies and operates equipment that is designed to reduce and control the emissions of harmful wastes into the environment.
  • 3P-ES recognizes the need to pay attention to and protect our environment for our own sake and the sake of our children’s future. Only through the cooperative efforts of all can the best possible Health, Safety and Environment record be maintained.


3P-ES upholds its role as a responsible corporate citizen committed to the cause of Quality & Health, Safety and Environment (“Q&HSE”) for the interest and protection of employees, society and the environment. 3P-ES recognizes the importance of working closely with our customers, contractors and employees to achieve the best possible.

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